Our history


Our humble beginnings started with a single floor saw, a core drill, and a cube van with the three owners providing all the labour.


 We worked out of a residential garage and used a dining room table as an office.  Our focus was on reinvesting everything we made back into the company to better service our clients.   We started by expanding our concrete demolition services to include concrete breaking, excavation, wall sawing, and then wire sawing.  Not satisfied with the scanning/locating services available, we started our own scanning division, with the same goal as our cutting division, to grow to the point where we could offer every service available. 

We got so good at taking concrete apart that we decided to try our hand at putting it back together.  Starting with a concrete finishing division capable of placing and finishing concrete in trenches we cut out, the company quickly grew a division capable of placing and finishing any/all concrete. 

To earn the name “Complete” we then opened a carpentry division, allowing us to offer a “complete” or “start to finish” civil package.  Over two decades later, we have finished construction of our own facility, we are still 100% Canadian owned and operated, and the three owners still work every day with the help of a considerably larger supporting cast. 

We have grown into a group of companies capable of self-performing such a broad scope of services that we literally stand without competition.