Safety is the top priority for every division of Compete Group Inc.  Before you penetrate concrete or subgrade using any tool…let our locating division help you assess & mitigate your project’s risk.  We can start by processing your one call requirements on your behalf…and finish by completing your private locates with a range of market-leading state-of-the-art investigative tools.

specialty projects

A stand-alone instrument can entertain; however, it can never impress the way a whole symphony does.  The execution of specialty projects is Complete Group Inc.’s symphony.  This is where one can truly appreciate the synergy of all our departments working together.

Regardless of how well you organize the efforts of subtrades on a project, it will never run as smooth as a project completed by a company capable of self-performing all critical aspects.   If you are performing cookie-cutter jobs, and all aspects look the same every time, organizing the efforts of subtrades can be made easy over time.  However, each specialty project is unique, and it is here that you benefit most by hiring a company capable of self-performing each scope of work.  From planning, to engineering, to execution, let us assist you in every step of your specialty project.  Over the last 20 years, we have successfully completed a tremendous number of specialty projects, including:  

  • Precision equipment foundations (i.e., Rock Dryer Foundation).
  • Press pits – new pits or modifications of existing.
  • Machine bases – new bases or modifications of existing.
  • Interior rail track installations.
  • Conveyor tunnels – new tunnels or modifications of existing.
  • Radiused bottom concrete trenches.


AIM Industrial Inc. Is a multi-trade Industrial contractor serving Southern Ontario.  As such, we encounter in plant civil requirements with a both high degree of sophistication, and very narrow window for installation – on a continuing basis. Proper investigation, design, and scheduling are critical to pulling these projects off successfully. AIM has used other civil contractors in the past to perform these types of jobs but have found that Complete delivers a consistent understanding of our needs and a quality approach on our installations that puts them in a unique category for this work. I would highly recommend Complete for any concrete requirements.

Chuck Asmussen

AIM Industrial Inc.