Every tool…on every truck…for every job…if it can be located…we will locate it.


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Our desire to start a locating division was born from our dissatisfaction with the scanning/locating services that the market had to offer.

Whether booking a locate and being asked “what tool we want mobilized?” or being told after a locating company had mobilized that “they would have to leave and come back with a different tool to (that will cost more) complete the job” we decided that if our goal was to control the process start to finish, we might as well start our own locating company.  Our locating division was not operating long before x2 things became obvious:

  • When locating, no two jobs are the same, and it is hard to know what equipment will be required until you are on site.
  • As with any skilled tradesperson, the larger the toolbox, the more accurate the results.

These two realizations, combined with the dissatisfied way we had been serviced, shape the philosophy that governs our approach to locating: 

Every tool…on every truck…every job. 

Every service we offer lives up to our name “Complete”.  If we are doing your private locates, we will handle all your public locates as well, making Complete Locating Services Inc. a true one-call service.

Complete dedication to Excellence

We have used our 20 years of experience working in operational grocery stores & food processing plants to develop a fumeless alternative to every service we provide. To make sure we have the appropriate power source to run all our tools safely & effectively on your job site…we always bring our own.  Each of our trucks is equipped with custom on board power stations capable of producing 120v, 220v & 600v power.  Unlike any of our competitors, our custom on board power stations are safe to be run without grounding the truck as all power is GFI protected.

“I called in for a basic scan of concrete to identify power in the slab.  Before they left site, they had put a camera down the drain, confirmed the exact location & depth of my tie in spot, radio scanned for high voltage conduits & performed a GPR scan to identify any additional obstructions that the radio scan was unable to see.  From the variety of tools on every truck, to the experience of their scanners, this company is in a league of their own” 


Dan Kovacs

Full Out Mechanical