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results documentation

The accuracy of results is the most important factor of a successful scan.  A close second that is often overlooked, is the documentation of the results.

Too often, the value of accurate results is lost because the findings are not relayed to the client effectively.  Digitally produced documentation has some undeniable benefits over pen and paper:

  • The results can be sent to as many people as required, simultaneously, the second the scan is completed.
  • There is no limit to the amount of information that can be included.
  • The results can be stored and referenced/shared at any point.

Despite these advantages, there is a single shortfall that is hard to overlook:

  • It is impossible to create a digital drawing of the findings, on site, in the same amount of time, that is as accurate or detailed as a hand drawing.

Complete Locating Inc. uses a hybrid approach to documentation.  The work order itself is digital.  The second the job is complete; every interested party immediately has a copy sent to them.  While locating, all our findings will be identified with paint on the ground/floor.  We then generate a hand drawing, very detailed, in large scale to illustrate the findings that are marked on the floor.  You will get the paper copy of the drawing produced on site.  It is turned into a pdf, embedded into the digital work order, along with photos of the markings on the ground and any other pertinent information.  Before we leave the job site, the digital work order has been sent to all parties that you request. We will also print a copy of the entire work order on site if required (we have computers and printers in every truck).