Every tool…on every truck…for every job…if it can be located…we will locate it.

Video Inspection Tools

Video Inspection Cameras (Push) – 2”

This is a 2” Camera on the end of a real that gets manually pushed into any pipe/conduit that you are inspecting.  Often, the camera is not able to reach the desired location from your access point due to the length of the real.  For this reason, we have a variety of real lengths including several 500’ reals (meaning we can push the camera up to 500’ into a line for inspections).  This equipment is ideal for inspecting:

  • Sewer pipes.
  • Storm pipes.
  • Electrical Conduits.

All our camera heads are all locatable, allowing us to determine the exact location above ground of a camera that is in a conduit/pipe underground, dramatically reducing the civil work required to:

  • Determine the exact location of a damaged or blocked line and complete a repair.
  • Confirm that a plumbing main for new connections is as shown on the as-built drawings.
  • Locate a new connection point in cases where there are no as-built drawings available.

 While most cameras will identify the problem, ours identify the best solution.


Video Inspection Cameras (Crawler)

This is a high-definition camera mounted to a remote-control cart that can travel up to 1000’ into a pipe.  The camera can articulate (left-right & up-down) to allow us multiple perspectives.  The travel length combined with the articulation makes this tool perfect for:

  • Inspections on larger sewer/storm pipes and mains.
  • Inspections of HVAC vents and ducts.

Like our push cameras, the Crawler is also traceable & recordable, offering all of the same benefits.