Food Safety

Complete Millwrighting & Fabrication has vast experience in the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industry. Our team understands that there is a high level of need for food safety among all our customers in this industry.

Our skilled workers are well trained and follow safe food protocols.

Our work uniforms and routines will follow and exceed customers’ expectations.

  • HACCP educated
  • Follow all Customer SOP’s and GMP’s
  • Wash and sanitize hands
  • Sanitize tools and equipment prior to entering production areas
  • Sanitize hardhats and footwear as per customers policies

We design and fabricate all our stainless-steel products with food safety and sanitation at the forefront.

  • Reduce harborage points, where bacteria can grow
  • Reduce as many flat surfaces as possible to help eliminate standing water
  • Incorporate drainage to help reduce standing water