Concrete…Some companies are good at taking it apart…Some companies are good at putting it together…What separates Complete Group Inc. from the competition…is how exceptionally well we do both.


As the list of services we were providing continued to expand, it became obvious that to supply a one-stop solution for all your concrete projects we would need to offer concrete finishing.   

Our finishing department has grown to become capable of providing the finishing touch on every project we take on.  When you call Complete Group Inc. you will not experience the coordination issues that often plague dynamic projects as we will control every step of the process for you!  Our services include (but are not limited to):    

  • Scanning/locating for private & public services.
  • Saw cutting & removal/disposal of concrete and/or asphalt.
  • Excavation, backfill, grading & compaction.
  • Supply & installation of reinforcing steel.
  • Supply, place & finish of concrete.
  • Engineering & testing.

Allow us to make the following projects a seamless experience for you:

  • Trenching in slab on grade concrete or asphalt for new underground services (plumbing, electrical, refrigeration etc.).
  • Recessed concrete pits (machine pits, scale pits etc.).
  • Insulated freezer slabs or frost slabs.
  • Machine bases.
  • Footings and/or foundations.

    To make sure that we the appropriate power source to run all our tools safely & effectively on your job site…we always bring our own.  Each of our trucks is equipped with custom on board power stations capable of producing 120v, 220v & 600v power.  Unlike any of our competitors, our custom on board power stations are safe to be run without grounding the truck as all power is GFI protected.