Safety is the top priority for every division of Compete Group Inc.  Before you penetrate concrete or subgrade using any tool…let our locating division help you assess & mitigate your project’s risk.  We can start by processing your one call requirements on your behalf…and finish by completing your private locates with a range of market-leading state-of-the-art investigative tools.


There are many limitations that challenge most of the tools in a concrete cutter’s toolbox:

  • Concrete can be too thick to cut.
  • Overcuts into adjacent structure are not acceptable.
  • Space for operator and equipment may be limited.
  • Structure to be sawcut is below grade or underwater.

In construction you almost never hear these two words used together, however the wire saw is truly the most versatile and the most powerful tool in concrete cutting, capable of providing a cutting solution where every other tool has failed.  Complete Cutting & Coring Inc. is one of only a small handful of companies in Ontario that owns and operates a wire saw.  Using a wire, with diamond impregnated beads, a hydraulic drive pulley provides the power while a series of re-direction pulleys are used to position the wire at the exact location that needs to be cut for your application.  It is an ideal solution for many of the following applications:

  • Most cutting tools/processes leave you with overcuts. The wire saw is the only tool capable of cutting to any depth with no overcuts, eliminating the potential for structural damage.
  • Performs consistently in confined spaces, including underwater, and leaves minimal impact on the environment.
  • Creates clean, precise cuts through heavy rebar, plate steel, embedded steel beams, and heavily reinforced concrete.
  • Allows for mass concrete removal without breakage, dust, vibration, or collateral damage to adjacent structures.
  • The power unit is fully portable, and the redirection pullies allow it to sit virtually anywhere, in any position, relative to the structure being cut.
  • Providing saw cuts needed for controlled demolition in environments that are sensitive to noise, vibration, and/or debris.


    To make sure we have the appropriate power source to run all our tools safely & effectively on your job site…we always bring our own.  Each of our trucks is equipped with custom on board power stations capable of producing 120v, 220v & 600v power.  Unlike any of our competitors, our custom on board power stations are safe to be run without grounding the truck as all power is GFI protected.