Safety is the top priority for every division of Compete Group Inc.  Before you penetrate concrete or subgrade using any tool…let our locating division help you assess & mitigate your project’s risk.  We can start by processing your one call requirements on your behalf…and finish by completing your private locates with a range of market-leading state-of-the-art investigative tools.

Slab saw

Slab saws use a diamond blade that is mounted on an electric or diesel walk-behind saw that can cut slab on grade concrete floors, bridge decks, driveways, structural or suspended slabs, and pavement.

Our fleet of trucks are equipped with on-board generators to help eliminate any issues of power requirements when an electric saw is required.  From a small score to deep cuts, our slab saws can provide a wide range of services:

  • Control cuts in poured concrete.
  • Trenches in slab on grade concrete for new underground services (plumbing, electrical, refrigeration).
  • Openings in reinforced suspended slab concrete for HVAC and other.
  • Isolation cuts to provide a clean straight edge after or before demolition.

At Complete Cutting & Coring Inc., we have all of tools & expertise required to provide any of our slab saw services without overcuts into any adjacent structure.

To make sure we have the appropriate power source to run all our tools safely & effectively on your job site…we always bring our own.  Each of our trucks is equipped with custom on board power stations capable of producing 120v, 220v & 600v power.  Unlike any of our competitors, our custom on board power stations are safe to be run without grounding the truck as all power is GFI protected.